Transition to a new blog!

Dear readers,

Thanks for following my blog all these years 🙂 Your encouragement meant a lot and kept me going.

I was looking at my archives today and saw that I have posts from every year since 2011! Had nothing for 2022, until today.

Wanted to let you know that I have not yet given up on writing or blogging. I have been working on a new concept this year. Reaching my 30s, I think I finally found an area that I am passionate about – wellness and lifestyle. As the year ends and 2023 rings in, I would like to do a soft launch of my new blog: The Evergreen Vibes.

Do check it out and subscribe if the topics resonate with you 🙂 Would love any feedback, ideas or contributions!

Explore.Learn.Live blog will continue to stay active but I may not post much as I focus my energy on the new blog.





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