Hello readers, Our identities are always evolving so I thought it’s time that my blog gets a bit of revamp too. After all, this blog has been around for almost a decade now. Actually, it has been EXACTLY one decade today!! Looking back at my first post – I see that it was posted on… Read More Rebranded

Climate Change

This has been on my mind lately. I live in the Washington state and we recently went through a heat wave in the pacific northwest region. I come from India and high temperatures are not new to me. I have lived in places where temperatures were routinely in the 40s (C) or 100s (F). But… Read More Climate Change

Making sense

While making sense of the world Several thoughts flutter my mind I cannot find enough words to describe them. Are my senses numb Or is it simply too hard to express? Finding answers to some questions is tough, endless even That is perhaps the journey of life. Often, I find myself changing the questions themselves.… Read More Making sense